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Bote-Cote is Australian made and designed for Australian conditions. Solvent free low allergenic, with a non crucial 2:1 Mixing ratio. Suitable for use on Timber , Fibreglass and Carbon fibre

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Bote-Cote is an epoxy system specially formulated to meet the needs of wooden boats and their builders. It is highly resistant to attack by water and other chemicals and solvents, and as an adhesive, it grips tenaciously to timber and other materials. In particular it is formulated to match the flex properties of timber, so that it is not brittle and will not crack away from the timber as the structure moves naturally. Its high solids formula provides an excellent moisture barrier, and its fast wetting and penetrating properties make it an ideal matrix for fibreglass and other synthetic fibres. Raw epoxy resin is a most unfriendly and difficult to use material.  To make it suitable for users a number of other resins and materials are combined with it to produce a resin with mechanical and chemical properties suited for the task.  The raw hardeners are even more unpleasant.  Different brands of epoxy are formulated quite differently. (They are different mixtures of different ingredients).  Some are old formulations based on what was available in the 60’s and 70’s.  Some are formulated for minimum cost.  Some, such as Bote-Cote, are formulated to provide premium properties for marine use. The Bote-Cote formulation is a modern one.  It mixes at a ratio of 2:1 resin: hardener.  This has an immediate benefit to the user of being easy to get the correct ratio when mixing.  (Many older formulations are 5:1, a tiny error in the hardener [which would make it 4:1 or 6:1] is a huge percentage error which will cause weak epoxy or worse.) Basic epoxy is extremely rigid, so much so that it cracks.  Bote-Cote has been formulated to be a little flexible.  This way, when the timber it is coating bends, the epoxy does not crack.  Many other commercially available marine and

The Bote-Cote epoxy system

Bote-Cote A 2:1 resin – hardener system optimised for application to timber in the marine environment. Bote-Cote resin is used with the following hardeners. Standard.  This gives a gel time of about 60minutes at 20ºC. Tropical.  This gives a gel time of about 40minutes at 30ºC. Fast.  This gives a gel time of about 50 minutes at 15ºC. Non yellowing.  Used under clear finishes.  Still requires UV protection.  Same speed as fast. (there is also an ultra slow Equatorial hardener available for special applications). Kit sizes (Resin + Hardener) available are:- 750ml, 1.5L, 3L, 6L, 12L, 30L, 90L, 300L Bote-Cote CF A 2:1 resin-hardener system optimised for use with carbon fibre in the marine environment. Bote-Cote CF resin is used with the following hardeners. Standard.  This gives a gel time of about 60minutes at 20ºC. Tropical.  This gives a gel time of about 40minutes at 30ºC. Fast.  This gives a gel time of about 50 minutes at 15ºC. Kit sizes (Resin + Hardener) available are:- 750ml, 1.5L, 3L, 6L, 12L, 30L, 90L, 300L Contract Epoxy A 5:1 resin – hardener system that is unashamedly as economical as we can make it.  It has few frills or refinements, although we have managed to incorporate some useful user benefits compared to other brands.  It is only available in resin + hardener kit sizes of 24L and 240L, and it is only sold to clients who have the experience to safely and correctly use such a product. A number of different hardener speeds are available. TPRDA Timber preservative and reactive diluent agent.  This is thin epoxy liquid that is added to the mixed resin and hardener to reduce its viscosity and its surface tension.  This ensures that the resultant epoxy penetrates the timber to the maximum extent possible and wicks into the pores.  Unlike some other brands, it is not a solvent that evaporates and which can leave a porous layer in the epoxy coating. Epoxy Accelerator A material which speeds up the cure of epoxy – hardener mixes dramatically.  2% will reduce gel times by about 20%, 4% will reduce gel times by about 40% and 6% by about 50%. Epoxy Pigments Available in 100gram packs in White, Black, Red, Green, and Blue.  It is used to colour Bote-Cote and to enhance the hiding power and coverage of the priming coats of paint. Epox-E-Glue  Full Strength. A 1:1 pre thickened epoxy glue.  A full strength, full waterproof formulation.  It is a thixotropic paste used to glue things together as it has excellent gap filling capabilities.  It is packed in plastic screw top jars or openable steel containers (large sizes). Kit sizes (Resin + Hardener) available are:- 600grm, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 20kg, 40kg Epox-E-Glue  5 Minute Gel Time Low Odour. A 5 minute gel time formulation with a very much-reduced odour.  Like all 5 minute epoxies, this is not fully waterproof and its boat building usage should be restricted to using it as a “tack weld” which will subsequently be over coated by full strength epoxy.  Most 5 minute epoxies have a very offensive odour, especially when used in large quantities.  This formulation has significantly reduced the odour nuisance. Fillet and Glue Filler Powder The standard filler powder for use with Bote-Cote, a low cost blended filler used for most glueing applications and for making fillets.  Contains dust suppressants to help preserve your health. Available in 1L, 2L and 4L tubs and 2.5kg (10L) and 5kg (20L) bags. High Strength Filler Powder A high density glass fibre and spherical particle filler for maximum strength gluing applications such as catamaran beams, mast bulkheads, load carrying transoms, rudder posts, etc. Available in 500mL, 1L, 2L and 4L tubs and 2.5kg (10L) and 5kg (20L) bags. Sanding and Fairing Filler A low density, easily sanded microsphere based filler, which spreads like cream to a perfect featheredge.  Used for filling and fairing.  Sanding filler is never used as a structural adhesive. Available in 1L, 2L, 4L tubs and 2.5kg (20L) bags. Bote-Cote Dispensers Hand pumps are available for fitting to all Bote-Cote containers.  These meter exactly correct volumes enabling the user to easily achieve the correct ratio between resin and hardener. Bote-Cote Applicator Kit Consists of a squeegee for spreading Bote-Cote over large areas, and two filleting paddles rounded at both ends with radii of 6mm to 30mm to aid neat filleting. BoatBuilding with Bote-Cote Book A 32 A4 page bible of how and what to do using the Bote-Cote epoxy system in boat building and repairing.  Our clients tell us that this is the best $5.00ψ they have ever spent. In addition, any and every accessory you could ever think of is available through BoatCraft Pacific and its network of agents.

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