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Bote-Cote is an epoxy system specially formulated to meet the needs of wooden boats and their builders.  It is highly resistant to attack by water and other chemicals and solvents, and as an adhesive, it grips tenaciously to timber and other materials.  In particular it is formulated to match the flex properties of timber, so that it is not brittle and will not crack away from the timber as the structure moves naturally.  Its high solids formula provides an excellent moisture barrier, and its fast wetting and penetrating properties make it an ideal matrix for fibreglass and other synthetic fibres.  It has a thixotropic agent in the formulation to help develop an adequate coating thickness (especially on vertical or sloping panels), the single most important factor in preventing moisture reaching the substrate.

Epoxies aint just epoxy. Raw epoxy resin is a most unfriendly and difficult to use material.  To make it suitable for users a number of other resins and materials are combined with it to produce a resin with mechanical and chemical properties suited for the task.  The raw hardeners are even more unpleasant.  Different brands of epoxy are formulated quite differently. (They are different mixtures of different ingredients).  Some are old formulations based on what was available in the 60’s and 70’s.  Some are formulated for minimum cost.  Some, such as Bote-Cote, are formulated to provide premium properties for marine use.

Modern Formulation. The Bote-Cote formulation is a modern one.  It mixes at a ratio of 2:1 resin: hardener.  This has an immediate benefit to the user of being easy to get the correct ratio when mixing.  (Many older formulations are 5:1, a tiny error in the hardener [which would make it 4:1 or 6:1] is a huge percentage error which will cause weak epoxy or worse.)

Flexibility to match the wood. Basic epoxy is extremely rigid, so much so that it cracks.  Bote-Cote has been formulated to be a little flexible.  This way, when the timber it is coating bends, the epoxy does not crack.  Many other commercially available marine and general purpose epoxies are more rigid.

No amine blush. Bote-Cote does not exhibit amine blush.  The older formulations, and especially the 5:1 formulations, exhibit amine blush especially when used in cold or humid conditions.  This is a waxy layer that appears on the surface of the cured epoxy that must be scrubbed off before the epoxy can be re-coated or painted.  Even though some of the more expensive epoxies sold in Australia do blush, it is the use of the cheaper materials in formulating the epoxy that causes it.  If you use a blushing epoxy, will you forever be worried whether one coat will separate from the coat under it because the blush was not fully removed.

Low Alergenic Potential. Bote-Cote has lower allergenic potential.  All epoxies have the potential to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people and to make non allergic people become allergic.  Over the last few years, the chemical ingredient manufacturers have identified the most troublesome items and have made available materials with lower allergic risk factors.  Bote-Cote uses these low allergic risk materials to the maximum extent.  Many long-term epoxy users tell us that Bote-Cote is the only epoxy system that they are able to use as all the others cause them to have reactions.

All solids.  Bote-Cote is almost all pure epoxy liquids.  Additives and extenders such as Nonyl Phenol§ or solvents can be found in many other epoxies.  If these compounds are present they can degrade the strength and water resistance pf the epoxy.  Some formulators add Nonyl Phenol to their hardeners to make 5:1 seem like a 3:1 or even 2:1 formulation, when in fact the components are still the basic, nasty 5:1 ingredients.

Thixotropic to help fim build. Bote-Cote contains a small amount of thixotropic agent.  This reduces the tendency to produce runs and makes it much easier to get a decent epoxy film thickness, especially on sloping and vertical surfaces.  This way you get good moisture absorption prevention which is what all this epoxying stuff is about anyway.

Insect Repellant. Bote-Cote includes an insect repellant.  Don’t you hate those insects landing in your new coating and doing the breast stoke across your nice finish.  Bote-Cote users have less trouble with this.

Range of Hardeners. Bote-Cote has the full range of hardeners, Fast (for cold weather), Standard and Tropical (slow for warm weather).  It also has a non yellowing hardener specifically formulated to resist yellowing due to ultra violet light.  The range includes an accelerator for use when an extremely fast cure is required and a Timber Preservative and Reactive Diluent which is used in the first coat to ensure best penetration into the timber.

Range of Filler Powders. Bote-Cote also has the full range of fillers, formulated to avoid the health and usage problems that come with raw fillers.  Colours can be incorporated in the resin.

Convenient Packaging and Sizes.  Bote-Cote and its accessories comes in a wide and convenient range of sizes.

Australian designed, made and owned. Bote-Cote was formulated in Australia by an Australian specifically for Australian conditions.  It is manufactured in Brisbane from Australian and imported raw materials.


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