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LuciClear Coating Resin is 2 pack (2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener) epoxy self leveling system which cures to a very high gloss durable coating. It is ideal for bar tops, table tops, trophies, displays and protecting some art works.  LuciClear Coating Resin contains UV filtering additives to help resist UV degradation.   It produces a thick protective coating, the equivalent of many coats of conventional varnish. It is formulated to be easy to use. Used in accordance with the directions bubbles are a thing of the past.  The coating is water clear and has very high optical clarity.

Boatcraft’s proprietary formulations are designed to produce almost completely bubble free results without the need for a pressure pot or vacuum chamber.*

LuciClear Coating Resin is a member of our LuciClear resin family.  The formulation for each member has been carefully designed to let you get great results.  We know that it is not possible to get one formulation to do every task well, nor is it possible to do something really well using only the cheapest materials.  All Boatcraft’s formulations are the result of extensive in-house development and testing to create products which are optimised for their purpose and for our Australian conditions.

*Precautions against bubbles emerging from the substrate will still need to be taken.

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