LuciClear Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue


Luciclear Clear Gel Epoxy Glue is 2 part highly thixotropic gel adhesive.

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Luciclear Clear Gel Epoxy Glue is 2 part highly thixotropic gel adhesive.  Each component appears as a completely clear solid paste, but as soon as it is disturbed, e.g. by stirring or pouring, it liquefies to a viscous liquid which enables easy and complete mixing of the resin and hardener.  After it is disturbed, the liquid product reverts to a near solid gel over a period of 10-15 minutes.  This thixotropic behaviour enables the glue to be spread easily, to flow into cracks and flaws in the work to seal and bond them, and finally to be shaped to a neat surface e.g., in making fillets.

It is mixed in a 2 parts Part A Resin to 1 Part Part B Hardner by volume.


  • Glue joints needing a clear glue line
  • Glue joints with many or varied gaps to produce a clear glue line
  • Clear fillets in high class boat building
  • Filling and restoring knot holes or other flaws in timber
  • Art resin workers can tint or pigment it and brush it out for texturing with minimal pigment smearing or flow.

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