A 1:1 pre thickened epoxy glue. A full strength, full waterproof formulation. It is a thixotropic paste used to glue things together as it has excellent gap filling capabilities. It is packed in plastic screw top jars or openable steel containers (large sizes).

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Epox-E-Glue is high strength epoxy adhesive mixed in an equal volume 1:1 ratio for ease of handling.  Its features are:

  •  non-critical easy to use 1:1 ratio by volume – simply mix two equal scoops
  • extended working life of 40 minutes
  •  full cure within 24 hours at temperatures above 10 deg C
  • non-sagging thixotropic paste formulation easily fills large gaps
  • bonds strongly to most substrates
  • totally waterproof


Surfaces to be bonded must be freshly sanded with coarse grit (40 or 60 grit) abrasive, and be free from dust dirt grease or oils.


Equal volumes of Parts A and B should be mixed thoroughly until colour is uniform.  Measure out equal volumes in graduated containers, scoops, etc, or for small batches use equal sized blobs on a mixing board.  Epox-E-Glue should be used within 30-40 minutes of mixing


Best results will be obtained when both mating surfaces are coated with glue.  Bring both coated parts together and maintain firm contact until the glue has set and strength has developed.  Generally this will be within 24 hours, but low temperatures will retard the cure rate.  Do not clamp tightly as a weak joint may result from glue starvation.

If bonding porous materials such as foams, concrete, timber end grain, etc, seal the surface by pre-coating it with Bote-Cote liquid epoxy resin.  This will prevent joint starvation due to the porous substrate absorbing resin out of the adhesive.


Epox-E-Glue will cure to an almost invisible glue line so is suitable for clear finishes.  However it may be too opaque for use for filling larger holes etc under clear finishes.  Clean up any excess glue with a scraper followed by wiping away with a solvent such as acetone.  Cured Epox-E-Glue may be sanded, then painted or varnished.


Refer to safety data sheet and to BoatCraft brochure “Using Bote-Cote Safely and Effectively”.  Always wear disposable gloves when handling epoxy chemicals, and avoid prolonged exposure in order to minimise skin sensitization developing.  Avoid contact with eyes, wash hands with hand cleaner and water after use, do not use solvents on your skin.

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