WOTROT Restoration Kit


The WOT ROT – Rot Repair Kit has been developed as an effective cosmetic repair process for dealing with rot in all sorts of applications.

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The only means of eliminating rot affected timber in the past, has been to cut out the damaged material and replace it with a new section of timber. This is expensive and time consuming and in some cases almost impossible without dismantling large areas of a boat or house window and door frames. The technique for carrying out a repair on rot affected timber varies depending on the extent of the damaged area, whether it is a structural section or a clear finish is desired when the repair is completed.

The kit contains everything needed to carry out a cosmetic repair using the techniques described including syringes, draw-up needles, gloves, measure cups as well as the Epoxy and TPRDA. A key component of the kit is Timber Preservative Reactive Dilutant Agent (TPRDA) which was developed by BoatCraft Pacific for adding with Bote Cote Epoxy Resin to both assist the resin to penetrate the timber to the maximum extent possible and to inhibit further rot activity.


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